Article 0 – Legal description :

Gun BlastVegas is a dba of BEYOND VEGAS LLC.

BEYOND VEGAS LLC – 3535 W Harmon Ave Ste E – 89103 Las Vegas – NV – USA

Article 1 – Tour description :

Gun Blast Vegas provides some Firearms’s tours, activities and events on a private and secured property. All our tours and activities are guided and supervised by certified Gun Instructor(s) and / or Gun Range Safety Officier(s).

Gun Blast Vegas‘s tours, activities and events must be categorized as custom experiences based on each client’s skills to shoot firearms and not only as simple services.

Article 2 – Reservation and Payment :

For any booking, a full prepayment must be paid by the client through our website www.gunblast.vegas or though any approved affiliate or reseller. Any add-on, extra or specific accommodation must be pre-paid also.

The client must be 15 years aged. Shooters under 18 years old MUST be accompanied by a legal guardian who must sign a waiver.

Gun Blast Vegas do not accommodate any non shooter / spectator. Each participant must pay for their seat. 

The client must not a convicted felon and / or impaired at the date of the tour, activity or event.

The client will have also to show his / her ID and the original payment card used for the payment on our website www.gunblast.vegas ( no picture or copy will be accepted ). 

Failing to present ID and/or the corresponding payment card will result in a cancellation of the reservation and no guest impacted by this reservation will be accepted in the tour. 

A voucher established by one of our approved affiliates can be used as a valid payment. To file a booking, please follow the instructions provided by our affiliate. Vouchers are only valid for the tour or the experience the client originally chose and can not be transferred to another tour or experience.

Vouchers will be automatically redeemed 5 days before the tour as a guarantee to hold client’s reservation.

Any discount code, trade or comp is supposed to be filed and rewarded only during the booking process. No price adjustment will be accepted after a reservation already filed. No price adjustment will be applied either in case of special, discount, promotion or sale offered after a reservation already filed in our system.

No specific license, license or citizenship is required to participate to a tour operated by Gun Blast Vegas.

Article 3 – Cancellation :

The client has got up to 5 days before the tour to cancel and get his / her money back ( minus 4% for the card fees ). The client can reschedule or modify his / her reservation without any penalty up to 5 days before the tour. If the client book less than 5 days before a session, he / she automatically waives his / her possibility to cancel or postpone his / her reservation.

Client’s payment or the use of a voucher is a retainer, which holds the company for his / her reservation. If, however, the client should wish to reschedule, we will do our best to accommodate his / her needs, provided the rescheduled date/time is available. If the client wish to leave your rescheduled date/time open, we can accommodate that as well – the retainer or voucher will remain on account and will be applied upon rescheduling. If the client cannot make the reserved date and time, he / she must contact us 5 days prior to the reservation, in order to reschedule or put the reservation on hold.

In case of ( but not limited to ) :

  • no show
  • late show ( more than 15 minutes )
  • intoxication ( illegal drug and / or alcohol )
  • abandonment during the tour
  • cancellation less than 5 days before the tour
  • refusal to sign our waiver
  • refusal to accept touch less temperature check
  • no respect of your gun instructor’s safety instructions
  • being younger than 15 years old
  • being a convicted felon
  • being adjudged mentally unstable
  • taking prescription of drugs that could impair client’s judgment
  • aggressive behavior before or during the tour

Then, your retainer or voucher will be forfeited and no refund will be processed ( NO EXCEPTION ).

In case of the tour cannot happen because of legal restrictions, in order to protect our clients, Gun Blast Vegas undertakes to postpone the tour reserved by the client without any fee or any penalty, but won’t issue any refund if the legal restriction happens less than 72 hours before the scheduled tour. The postpone period will stay available under 1 year.

In case of unsafe weather, we will reschedule client’s booking under his / her behalf or we will refund the client.

Gun Blast Vegas reserves also the right to cancel a tour for any reason and to refund the clients under a reasonable timing. The client does accept that and does also agree to waive Gun Blast Vegas from any liability. The client does accept also to not ask after any compensation like car rental, hotel’s night(s), flight ticket(s) or any other fees or costs.

In case of approved refund, Gun Blast Vegas will process it ONLY on the card used for the initial payment.

Gift Cards purchased online are non refundable. 

Article 4 – Transportation :

Gun Blast Vegas offers a complementary transportation to and back from the gun range.

We do our very best to arrive on time. Unfortunately, Gun Blast Vegas is not liable in any way in case of traffic, road closures, climate event, God’s act or any other reason.  In case of driver’s delay, the tour will be extended accordingly. As long the tour will be extended and completed, no compensation or either refund can be processed or even asked by the customer.

If the client decide to follow our transportation with his / her own vehicle, it will be under his / her own responsibility and no discount or partial refund will be offered. Gun Blast Vegas won’t offer neither any compensation for gas, mileage or vehicle’s wear and tear.

The client accepts to run the risks about driving on unpaved roads. Gun Blast Vegas cannot be held responsible for any issue, mechanical’s trouble or any body paint’s damage on client’s personal vehicle.

The client understands our gun range location isn’t GPS listed and couldn’t be covered by the client’s cellphone network. The client agrees to not held responsible Gun Blast Vegas for that.

Non shooter seats are available on demand and non guaranteed. Gun Blast Vegas strongly recommends to check in advance about it.

Article 5 – Safety and damages :

The person who booked is considered as the organizer for his / her group. The organizer is personally liable for any damage caused by his / her group’s members.

In case of damages caused inside the vehicle, or damages caused to the outside of the vehicle or to other vehicles due, for instance, to inconvenient opening of the doors, those damages will be charged in full to the client. The driver is the only person allowed to close or open the doors. Smoking is prohibited inside the vehicles. In case of abnormal cleaning of the vehicle ( voluntary splashing liquid, vomit, glitters, confettis… ) a flat fee of USD $300 will be charged. The client also agrees and acknowledge paying all the related fees and charges to get the vehicle back to its normal working condition. No animals allowed onboard. The client and the passengers are responsible for their own personal belongings. Gun Blast Vegas cannot be held responsible for any missing or lost items.

The client agrees to follow ALL the safety instructions from the Gun Instructor and or the Gun Range Safety Officer but also the following gun range rules :

  • Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction
  • Always keep your finger out of the trigger
  • Always wear eyes and ears protections
  • Always stay behind shooter
  • One shooter at a time
  • No unsafe photography
  • No horse play

Gun Blast Vegas will provide eye’s protection to the clients who doesn’t have any glasses and some ear protections for every single shooter and non shooter.

Shooters and non shooters who damage or destroy range property are liable for the cost of repair or replacement of damaged or destroyed property. This doesn’t concern the targets.

Outside and personal client’s firearms are not allowed on the range.

Article 6 – Food and Drinks :

The client can to bring some snacks, protein bars or any easy to carry / eat food on the range if needed, in reasonable quantities, in reasonable size containers and without any abusing smell.

Article 7 – High Temperatures :

It’s very hot in the Las Vegas Valley during the Summer and temperature can go over than 100°F in the desert. As an adult, it’s the client’s responsibility to :

  • stay hydrated
  • bring hat, cap, sunglasses
  • and take any appropriate decision to stay in good health during the tour.

Gun Blast Vegas will make sure to provide bottled water and ice cubes during the summer. The client agree to not held Gun Blast Vegas liable for any health issue happening during or after the tour because of the sun.

Article 8 – Brass and Ammo’s cartridges :

The brass and ammo’s cartridge provided by Gun Blast Vegas and shot by the client on the Range will stay the Gun Blast Vegas‘s possession.

Article 9 – COVID 19 :

Gun Blast Vegas does its best to set up the following ( but not limited ) safety guidances :

  • Hand Sanitizer available during the tour
  • Vehicles and Personal Protection Equipments are sanitized between each group

A contactless temperature check can be required by our staff during the tour’s check-in. If a client shows a temperature over than 100°F, he / she won’t be able to participate to the activity. No refund will be offered but the involved client(s) will be able to postpone his / her reservation under 1 year.

By participating to any Gun Blast Vegas‘s activity, you ( the client ) and any member of your group declare the following :

  • Clients are fully and personally responsible for their own safety and actions while and during may participation and they recognize that they may be in any case be at risk of contracting COVID-19.
  • With full knowledge of the risks involved, they hereby release, waive, discharge the Organization, its board, officers, independent contractors, affiliates, employees, representatives, successors, and assigns from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, actions, and causes of action whatsoever, directly or indirectly arising out of or related to any loss, damage, injury, or death, that may be sustained by me related to COVID-19 while participating in any activity while in, on, or around the premises or while using the facilities that may lead to unintentional exposure or harm due to COVID-19.
  • Clients agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Organization from and against any and all costs, expenses, damages, lawsuits, and/or liabilities or claims arising whether directly or indirectly from or related to any and all claims made by or against any of the released party due to injury, loss, or death from or related to COVID-19.

Article 10 – Photo Release :

The client grants permission and consent to Gun Blast Vegas for the use of the any photographs / videos related to the event for presentation under any legal condition, including but not limited to : publicity, copyright purposes, illustration, advertising, and web content.
The client understands that there should be no payment for this release.
The client understands that no royalty, fee, or other compensation shall become payable by reason of such use.
The client understands that with this authorization below, the photographs / videos may never be revoked.

Article 11 – Social Media Posting :

The client agrees to refrain from dishonest posts and harmful reviews on Google, Yelp or any other social media platforms including insults, defamation & false statements on social media & review platforms and agrees that concerns & issues should be addressed with Gun Blast Vegas Management to arrive at an amicable solution.

Article 12 – Appropriate Conduct :

The client expressly agrees to provide and maintain to Gun Blast Vegas‘s staff a safe and appropriate courteous relationship during the tour and also during all the booking process like communications by emails, phone calls and texts.

In case of aggressive behavior, insults, discrimination, profanity, threats, challenge to fight, endangerment or any reprehensible conduct against Gun Blast Vegas‘s staff or other customers, the Client understand he / she will have to leave immediately the tour without any refund or compensation.

Article 13 – Complaints & Disputes :

The client has got up to 48 hours to file a complain to Gun Blast Vegas by email or mail. No complain will be considered by phone, text message or either electronic message.

Any dispute arising from the present articles are submitted to the US law and can be judged exclusively by the court of Las Vegas – Nevada, unless it falls under the public dispositions of the code of civil procedures.

You ( the client ) are confirming that you have read and approved all of the present terms and conditions.

Ordering is committing yourself to those rules.

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