Gun Blast Vegas is the best outdoor Outdoor Gun Range Tour company in Las Vegas that provides the ultimate outdoor shooting adventure​ with NRA certified gun instructors, exploding targets and lots of fun !

We can proudly claim we are the new generation of shooting experience in the city of Las Vegas, perfect for first timers and experienced shooters !

With Gun Blast Vegas, no overpriced rates, no dumb paper targets, no magazine to unload without understanding what you're doing and no unsmiling instructor.

Our friendly, passionated and certified instructors will explain you how to handle safely different firearms, to shoot some awesome targets, in a nice place with a lot of fun ! Finally a real and exciting outdoor shooting activity !

All inclusive
Enjoy 4 different firearms / guest with fun targets in our private gun range ! No hidden fees !
Not more than 5 people at the same time
perfect for first timers !
No Rambo Guys
Feel 100% comfortable with our friendly but experienced gun instructors !
Local Lifestyle
We work Local lifestyle. Ideal to meet and socialize with real people in little groups !
Outdoor Experience
After a scenic and comfortable ride,
enjoy a few hours away from the Strip's fury !
Feel free to bring your ugly Valentine's day plush or... the picture of your ex !

They shared their love for us !

  • Irmak Avatar
    10/02/2019 - Airbnb

    That was a fun experience. Vincent has a good sense of humor, but he also doesn’t try to fit in... read more

    Legend AAH Avatar
    Legend AAH
    6/21/2019 - Google

    Hi. I just wanted to say thank you so much for today! It was 11/10. It couldn’t have been better.... read more

    Jessie B Avatar
    Jessie B
    6/20/2019 - Google

    Excellent experience. Well knowledgeable person, Vincent Highly recommend his services, safe, fun and a lot to learn about handling guns... read more

  • Corry Avatar
    11/09/2019 - Airbnb


    Priscilla Avatar
    12/29/2018 - Airbnb

    En petit groupe, Vincent est très professionnel et sympathique. Une très bonne expérience, surtout pour découvrir des armes moins conventionnelles.... read more

    Lizmarie Avatar
    8/30/2019 - Airbnb

    This experience was the best one that I had in Vegas!!! Vincent was really profesional and always was making sure... read more

  • Pinar Avatar
    7/11/2019 - Airbnb

    You should definitely do this guys.It was AWESOME LOVE IT LOVE IT

    Reedi/Doriean Avatar
    8/29/2019 - Airbnb

    Wow! Vincent was incredible, he made us feel safe and comfortable. I will definitely recommend this experience to rookies and professionals.

    Cassagne Aurélien Avatar
    Cassagne Aurélien
    7/04/2019 - Google

    Wahooouuuuuu que dire qu’elle Experience qu’elle aventure nous étions une team de Toulouse homme femme enfant et ce fut un... read more

  • Kyosuke Avatar
    12/29/2018 - Airbnb

    Highly recommended if you crave for fire arm experiences.

    Kingsley Avatar
    10/12/2019 - Airbnb

    Must not miss experience!!

    Sven Avatar
    9/17/2019 - Airbnb

    We are from Belgium and it is very dificult to have some shooting experience over here. So we booked this... read more

  • Benoît Avatar
    12/16/2019 - Airbnb

    Vincent is a great teacher and makes you feel comfortable even when it's your first shooting experience. Good balance between... read more

    Anna Avatar
    6/15/2019 - Airbnb

    What an awesome experience! I learned so much, got amazing pictures and had so much fun! Vincent is an excellent... read more

    François Avatar
    11/21/2018 - Airbnb

    Vincent is an outstanding instructor, who clearly cares about his craft. I would highly recommend that everyone come to him,... read more

  • Richard Avatar

    Awesome ! We lucked out and basically got a private shooting session for two. The pump action double barrel was... read more

    William Avatar
    1/17/2019 - Airbnb

    Definitely fun & safe !

    Alan Avatar
    6/02/2019 - Airbnb

    Vincent was a kind and fun person, and a great instructor. He paid attention to everyone and made me feel... read more

  • Stan Avatar
    12/24/2019 - Airbnb

    A really great shooting experience! We shoot four different guns, ripped apart a teddy, and spent some cool time. Thank you!

    Tushar Avatar
    5/25/2019 - Airbnb

    Vincent was personable, warm, and funny! We were all beginners - he taught us at each step of the way,... read more

    Tyler Avatar
    5/04/2019 - Airbnb

    It was fun ! Wish could have added more rounds to the package

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