What to do with your +21 child in Vegas to celebrate a birthday?

Your little one is not so little anymore! It seems like it was just yesterday you were celebrating your kid’s first birthday. Now, in what feels like the blink of an eye, twenty years have passed and your child is turning 21! Naturally, this calls for a birthday of epic proportions, and what better place to celebrate it than the ever-restless Vegas?

As a city that never sleeps and where a dull moment is unheard of, Vegas is filled with so many things to do to commemorate this major milestone. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best birthday activities you can do in Sin City as adults, from shooting in outdoor gun ranges to catching the hottest pop stars in action!

1. Hit Up A Casino

Your kid is finally 21 and you’re in the biggest gambling city in the US. The next step is pretty obvious, right? Vegas is filled with so many casinos that offer a world of fun, that getting out of them might be a challenge. Start with a few rounds of Blackjack and bet on your lucky number on the roulette table. Since you’re celebrating a birthday, luck will surely smile back at you!

2. Go To an Outdoor Gun Range

Like casinos, you’ll spot many gun ranges across Vegas. You might believe that all of them offer the exact same thing, but that’s where you’re mistaken! Knowing this, continue the birthday celebrations at the GunBlast gun range! Here, you can shoot some of the coolest firearms on the market and you’ll be trained by as equally awesome gun instructors. 

GunBlast Vegas is located only 45mn from the Strip ( transportation is complimentary ) and it’s very easily reachable. What makes us stand out from other gun ranges is that we’ll train you how to handle firearms properly before you even begin shooting. Once you’re ready, be prepared to experience fun like never before! This will truly be a birthday your kid will never forget!

3.Visit The Sphere

The Sphere is probably the coolest thing that has happened to Vegas in the last couple of years! This 360-degree entertainment venue is entirely made of screens and the Sphere Experience is truly something else. You’ll need to book your tickets beforehand as everyone wants to see what this tech landmark is all about but know that it’s absolutely worth it. If you’re lucky enough, you might even catch a U2 show!

4. Attend a Concert

As the perfect way to end the birthday celebrations after a whole day of shooting at the gun range, attend a show at one of the many concert venues around Vegas. From Lady Gaga’s classic jazz show to Usher’s iconic moves, you can catch some of the hottest acts in the world. Your favorite artist probably has a residence already in Vegas so check right now to see if there are any tickets available.

With its neon lights and vibrant atmosphere, Vegas will turn a simple birthday into an unforgettable experience. The world is your oyster in this city so you’ll surely find something fun to do. Whatever you opt for, don’t forget to check our outdoor gun range!


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