Need to know more about the Gun Blast Experience ?

Do I need to file a reservation ?
Let's be clear... you won't be able to shoot with our secretary... so PLEASE file a online reservation !
Our office in Vegas is only available on appointments !
Usually, the Premium Gun Blast Experience is set up at 7AM during the Summer and 8AM during the Winter.
The Private and Sunset Experience is set up for 2PM during the Summer and 1PM during the Winter.
Please make sure to arrive 5mn in advance to our office, located only 2mn away from the Strip ( aka Las Vegas blvd ).
We offer complementary transportation only from our office 2 mn away from the Strip.
We DON'T pickup from the hotels as we want to avoid long delays going to different spots. Trust us : you'll save your time !
So we will ask you to arrive 5-10mn in advance to our meeting point.
If you don't have any car in Vegas, Uber or Lyft will be your best friends 🙂
That depends of how many people and how good you are for shooting !
But usually, it takes between 4H / 4H30 door to door ( including the transportation )
Ahhhh finally ! You will shoot a 9mm, a AR15, a assault rifle and a shotgun ( but not grandpa's style ! ).
We regularly upgrade our firearms to make sure you will have a good time without too much recoil.
Nop. Our goal is also to explain you how to handle firearms with a LOT of fun in a safety environment.
Not just to unload some magazines without understanding what you are doing.
Trust us : at the end of this experience, you will be able to handle firearms from different calibers.
No, you will only need to bring a valid photo ID or Passport. Worldwide citizens are also more than welcome !

The minimum age to shoot is 18 years old.

You've got up to 5 days to cancel and get 100% of your money back 🙂
You can reschedule or modify your reservation without penalty up to 2 days before your tour.
In case of bad weather, we will reschedule your booking under your behalf or we will refund you.

No, we are happy to accommodate both first timers and experienced shooters.

Only some options are sharable like John Doe the Mannequin, the Photographer and the tour's privatisation.

Non-shooter seats are based on limited availability and will be charged $30 / non-shooter. Feel free to call / text us to (702) 935-6511 about that.

Yes : due to a safety concern pregnant women are not allowed to shoot. Please consult with your doctor if you have any disabilities.

If you would like a private and dedicated experience, feel free to book a private tour 🙂
We propose an amazing VIP and private Sunset shooting session !

We use a PRIVATE gun range so you won't be able to drive over there.
You must file a booking to join us !

No, we are a private gun range tour company and we only use our own and selected firearms.

Yes, we require closed toe shoes and a hat or a cap for safety reasons. Please dress comfortably for the occasion.
Ladies : just forget about your high heels 🙂
You can bring some snacks with you. We'll bring some water on our side 🙂

- Drinking, Smoking Marijuana, and/or using illegal drugs 8 hours prior to your tour is strictly prohibited anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be refused service.

- Smoking of any kind is prohibited during the duration of the tour. This includes cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaping pens, marijuana, cbd pens, etc. Please refrain from smoking until the conclusion of your tour.

- Due to the safety and well-being of others. Any violation of this policy will result in immediate tour cancelation without refund.

If you are a convicted felon you are NOT allowed to participate.
We require that you sign a document stating that you are not a convicted felon at time of pick up.